Smoking – A slow and dangerous addiction

People tend to argue whether cigarettes cause addiction or not. The truth is that it does cause addiction, one that is hard to get rid of. Governments don’t consider tobacco as a problem because it doesn’t create short-term issues like drugs and other substances do. But, any substance or a product that forces an individual to use them is addictive.

People who smoke cigarettes don’t want to stop smoking because they can’t do that due to side-effects of the withdrawal process. What they don’t realize is just how dangerous their addiction is and what they do to their bodies by inhaling tobacco smoke.

How tobacco destroys your body

Tobacco contains over 140 components out of which the majority is poisonous. Some have direct effects on the body while others do it indirectly. Reducing smoking and addiction rates is important as it reduces the number of people who have to suffer due to this bad habit. post3aNow, let’s see how tobacco components affect different systems within a human body.

Poisons from the tar find the way into the bloodstream where they cause havoc. They tend to thicken the blood which can lead to the formation of clots. They also increase the pressure of the blood as well as the heart rate which puts a lot of strain on the heart as it struggles to work as it should. The final blood-related problem that cigarettes cause is the narrowing of the arteries which reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the organs in a given amount of time. The combination of these three things increases the chance of the heart attack as the clots get stuck in narrowed arteries.

Skin requires oxygen from the blood to maintain all of its functions. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen it receives. This turns the skin into grey and dull color which is a sign of early aging. Another effect on the surface, that smoking causes is the cellulite. You can look between ten and twenty years older if you smoke as the smoke ruins the skin. post3bYou can’t reverse this (without plastic surgery), but you can stop the process if you throw away smoking.

Other adverse effects smoking causes

Smoking increases the chance that you will get the condition called osteoporosis. This condition makes bones brittle and weak. All of this leads to constant fractures which makes life difficult.

Smoking increases the risk of getting cancer. This isn’t limited to lung cancer. If you smoke for a long time then the chance of getting stomach, throat, kidney (among others) cancer increases up to fifty percent. All of this means that you are continually harming your body if you smoke. Stopping it as soon as you can is the best way to try and prevent further complications.

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Smoking ruins people – Here is how

Cigarettes contain a plethora of components that are poisonous to the human body. The amount of the same is small which means that the effects they cause don’t appear once you smoke a cigarette. No, smoking is a silent and slow killer that causes adverse effects an individual doesn’t notice until it’s too late to do anything about it.

Smoking kills – Slowly and silently

They say that every cigarette shortens the lifespan by ten or so minutes. Many see this as a propaganda piece that has nothing to do with the truth. Cigarette smoke works slowly as it increases the risk of various diseases over several decades. post2aYou might be lucky to avoid all of those diseases, and you will still die a decade or so earlier than you would if you didn’t smoke. All of this happens due to 150 or so components that every cigarette has.

One of the best-known components of tobacco is the tar. Smoking results in tar deposits in the lungs. Those deposits reduce the ability of lungs to remove germs and other similar things from the body. Tar that is found in tobacco has carcinogens aka chemicals that increase the chance of production of cancer cells.

Carbon monoxide (another tobacco component) attaches to hemoglobin and prevents the blood from carrying sufficient amounts of oxygen to different parts of the body. This causes the shortness of breath and the early onset of tiredness no matter whether you are physically fit or not.

Some of the complications that smoking causes

Reducing smoking and addiction rates is something that everyone should support as it leads to the healthier environment as well as individuals that live within it. Now, ignoring these efforts isn’t something you, as a smoker, should do because this addictive product causes many complications within the body. post2bGive it sufficient time, and those complications may turn into severe medical conditions. The sad thing is that once that happens, it is most often too late to do anything about the problem.

Smoking causes mood swings. Individuals that start smoking find that it puts them in a good mood. Those that smoke for a long time can’t stop because it leads to anxiety, irritability, and other adverse moods. Nicotine is the primary cause for this.

Smoker’s teeth are yellow with obvious stains. Those stains are signs of long-term smoking. These visual changes aren’t the only thing that smoke does to the mouth as it increases the risk of inflammations and infections. All of this can lead to tooth and bone loss.

It’s easy to recognize a smoker during cold mornings due to their recognizable cough. That is caused by the damage to airways that the hot smoke causes.

Top reasons everyone should stop smoking

People don’t admit, but smoking isn’t as good as they claim to be. Every smoker knows about some adverse effects their hobby has on them and their environment. But they are still reluctant in quitting because they see no real reason to do that.

You know, we know, and they know that smoking is terrible, but many people forget to what extent it harms the smoker and their environment. Reducing smoking and addiction rates is something that all states are doing in last decade or so. post1bThe primary reason for this is to improve the health of the community and to protect the environment from the negative influence of the cigarette smoke.

Cigarettes are bad for you

If you have some honest non-smoking friends, then you probably heard how bad you smell because of the smoke. This is especially relevant for those that smoke in enclosed areas. Smoke tends to latch onto everything, and therefore both your hair and your clothes will smell. And the said smell is far from the smoke fragrance and closer to the stench of the ashtray.

And while we are here, it is worth to note that non-smoking individuals described kissing a smoker like licking an ashtray. This is why very few people will date smokers as their breath is too revolting for them. If you see a smoker in a relationship, then there is a strong chance that their partner is a smoker as well.

Smokers get used to the stench of the cigarette, and thus they aren’t troubled by it. But that is just one of the effects that smoking has on an individual, in this case on their sense of smell. Quite a few people know about the impact smoking has on the senses. Smoking diminishes the sense of smell, which in turn dulls the sense of taste. This means that smokers don’t taste food in the same way as non-smokers do. An individual that smokes can’t see the difference in taste as long as he enjoys his addiction. post1aThe difference becomes apparent only if an individual stops smoking for several months.

Other reasons to stop smoking

A lot of evidence shows that smoking causes premature aging of the face area. Now, this hobby doesn’t cause premature aging, but it increases the chance of it happening to an individual. Signs of this condition include deep wrinkling and leathery skin as well as other skin changes. The reason for this is the constriction of blood vessels due to the lack of oxygen which is caused by smoke.

Another effect of smoke on the skin of a smoker is tar staining that happens to the skin on the hands. This happens to the surface of the face as well.

And, in the end, there are the social pressures that smokers endure. This activity is losing the support of both government and community, and that is causing various social problems for smokers. The number of areas where they can smoke is going down, and the price of tobacco and cigarettes is going up. This trend won’t stop as long as there are people who smoke.